The Daily Star's (old) Web Site...

About the use & development of Internet in Lebanon.

Why is the Daily Star web site such a piece of shit?

Because they are very poor and cannot pay for a decent web site.
Because the webmaster is the retarded son of the manager.
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Because Lebanon is a Third World country and the staff of the Daily Star want it to show.
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Because the manager himself is retarded.
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Because it is a secret plot from Israel to undermine Lebanon.
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I don't know.
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The Daily Star's (old) Web Site...

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This thread is about the old Daily Star website from 1997 until spring 2004 - when they finally launched their new serious website.

This is how it looked like in Jan. 2003 ...

This is how it looked like in Jan. 2004 ...


Does anybody know how come the Daily Star, the only English newspaper in Lebanon, has the worst web site in the whole World Wide Web? It is not that its design is nice or ugly, but it is not functional!! 50% of the pages do not display properly. You cannot even send them an email... It returns to you with an error... (I had to send them a fax... I asked them why their web site was such a piece of shit for so long and whether they were planning to do anything about it, but they never answered back...)

The thing is that whether they want it or not, they are the main window to Lebanon for foreign people. So when they look diry, Lebanon looks a little dirtier than it already is. And this is not new... Their site has been left in a half finished state for years now! So maybe they should be legally prosecuted?!?... For the 'crime' of degrading the image of Lebanon... Today, and during the last few years...

Or maybe some sponsors, or the State of Lebanon should gently offer them a little money to help them maintain a 'decent' web site? But I doubt this is a money issue... Maintaining a fair web site is relatively cheap...

The derelict and unfinished state of the Daily Star web site has always been a mystery to me.
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It is not THAT bad... The news are updated every morning and it is 100% free... But since they are the only daily local news source in English, they have no concurrency... So maybe that's why their site is not very good!
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Whether the daily star, other newspaper and everything going on the lebanese political scene, all is just theater scene.

Everyone has a role to perform at different stages lebanon should be going through.

Just read history, even if most of it is fake in lebanon, still it will teach every common sense person that it is just a play against the lebanese people, specially the lebanese that are a threat for the rise of lebanon as a nation killing the hope of Isrealis as well as arabs in dividing the region with their masters.

This is not a wakeup call; Lebanon fate is doomed. All you can try to do is reach out to leave the country not to have a much better life abroad but at least so that one day you won't die either by famine or anothe war.
Daily Star

New Website!

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They finally made it...!

The Daily Star's brand new website is online!!!