Satellites & the army

About the use & development of Internet in Lebanon.
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Satellites & the army

Post by murex »

I have been told that satellites are officially illegal... And that the police (or army) do check and have a way of spotting them... I know guy who installed a system and had them ring at his door to dismantle it!

So be ware if you install a satellite. (I don't know, maybe there is a way of "hiding" it well...)
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Post by hj88 »

Having a 2 way system is illegal in lebanon unless it is for a religious institution or to a foreign embassy or to someone with a lot of wasta.

one way satellite internet has been legalized lately
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I wonder why

Post by Raficoo »

hmm, 1 way sattilite, u could download at Xtreme high-speed , but upload at like 1-3kb/s,, i was thinking about installing a system, caz i got a Huge sattilite dish on my roof, but i ain't takng any chances with the police or military :D :wink: ,

the only ways i know how they can find it, is like rader, or sattilite imagry, or spies, (people who r sent out to search 4 anything illegally new), LIke sattile system that r not legally organised, and the simple only ways i know how to (hot to put it), NOT LET THEM KNOW, is to camaphage the system or the outside view with a cover, or use a special coating paint like they use with the B-52 stealth bomber, in order not to let raders spot it on the screen(but that's only military i guess :roll: ),

anyways i one-way sattelite sound good enough for me :D :wink:

but if any1 tries that and the military is at his door,( GOOD LUCK IN PRISON) :lol:
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