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About the use & development of Internet in Lebanon.
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Post by palpoule »

If I were you, I'd open my legs very wide and I'd be nice like a professional whore to push him to become my customer. (But that's my personal opinion.)
And become trash ISP? I don't think that's appropriate for VISP.

Why are you attacking VISP anyway? :?
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Post by murex »

PALPOULLE, your post is very stupid... If a company smiles and opens its legs to all clients it doesn't meen it is trash! A good whore is not "trash"! Unless you're a fucking puritan and condemn prostitution. In this case, I suggest you go play on the game servers like the sweet empaled chicken that your name says you are.

A good ambitious ISP is not a snobish ISP that plays hard to get. "Don't touch me her!" and "Don't touch me there"... A good ISP must open its legs & have a normal commercial attitude towards potential clients, like a nice whore. That's the rule of commerce.

And I am not "attacking" VISP! I am pulling info from VISP to the public, and I am making fun of certain things such as Theodor's stiff attitude and language etc. And that's not very important. The fact that VISP cares to participate in this forum is an excellent sign of their "modernity". It is obvious that these people really care about the Web more than most of the other local ISP's.

Talking about a new company on the web (even to criticize things) is always good for the company. And I am not criticizing VISP's services, I am giving a personal opininon in a public forum. (In the end, this can only have a positive effect for VISP.)
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Post by t.georgiev »


you are really a very insolent person.

Read this topic of yours:

Listen Raficoo, in this forum, you can offend anyone you want, but not me... I am moderating the Internet section for the moment, so this is like MY ROOM, that I am kindly opening to people to come & chat... And like a crazy bartender, I make the rules in this space... For example: I can become totally crazy and ban every one and kill myslef afterwards... if I want to... Shocked

This forum is NOT open to anyone... A certain dose of humor is absolutely REQUIRED... Also, it is not the first time we ask you to "lower your voice" VERY nicely... At least 2 times... More important: I do NOT want to enter into arguments with you on this forum... Send an email or a PM if you want to argue about something. (Please be cool & follow the rule, because if you argue once more, you'll be banned from the forum.)



You are a 100% copy of the Lebanese ISP attitude. The same which you fight.

How insolent of yours...

And you will talk me about whores, who should open their legs to the customers...

Why don't you first open your legs???

A damn smart little bastard you think you are, and all other should be more stupid than you??? :)

You will behave like a general and all other should open your legs to you?

Let me tell you something - If you had the chance to be an ISP, you would be 5 times worse than VISP. You would be the same **** as the other.

The above attitude of yours show this.

In this country, either all we start open our legs, our all to behave like generals.

You make the first move, we follow you.

Let me as final words to tell you with a real life example. When you go to the shop you curse to all traders who buy cheap and then resell it to you expensive. You are giving them examples who good it will be for them and fair to sell also cheap.

But at the same time, you do exactly like them - buying cheap and selling expensive.

Are you the only smart bastard in the whole country, who likes to buy cheap, but to sell expensive???

Do ban me out of your forum. I do not give a damn.
I saw your real ugly face. I do not care also if you delete this post. My goal was to show you that I saw your real face.
You will delete this post, because you will be afraid that other people might see it. But this is not my concern.

Neither I care of your opinion about VISP. I care about the opinion of our customers and future customers.
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People are smart enough...

Post by murex »

I think you're mixing up things. (But that's fine with me.)

What is really forbidden in this forum, are boring and uninteresting messages. About my quotation that your are using, I am telling a young forum user, for the Nth time, to stop writing all of his messages in capital letters and I beg him to re-read his posts before submitting and use a language closer to English, because other forum users including myself cannot understand many of his sentences. (And he kept arguing for no reasons.) The guy is very cool, he's just a bit young and has a bad English. Today, he still posts in this forum often without complaining & no bad feelings.

I agree, and it is very OBVIOUS that my attitude is very INSOLENT. I won't argue about that! But that's only "language". And that's only in the context of an anonymous free forum. In many other forums people cannot use harsh words. Here we are allowed to. When you link this insolency with your personal vision of "the bad Lebanese attitude" you're totally tripping. But let's say it's your opinion. Indeed, I act like a dictator on certain principles (in this little forum): a certain kind of "humor" is required, and any form of puritanism in language is forbidden... Also people who represent a company are treated a bit more severly. That make sense to many people. If you don't like it, then I can't help you. We are individual consumers who only represent themselves. I am alone and speak for myself. I earn nothing in writing here and I am not a "general".

If I was an ISP, I would NOT speak like I speak here, Mr. Theodor :-)
Maybe I would open all my holes, smile, and give my other cheek to every slap.

You are perfectly right to answer freely! No, I will never ban you from this forum Theodor! I am not 100% God here... If you want me to ban you, you have to give me a big reason... And insulting me is not a reason (see my comments above about what is really forbidden here).

Most people who read this thread won't agree with me. People are smart. Don't worry! I am just a anonymous Ghost here. My function is to make you boil and speak. People will see my pervert "little bastard" attitude, and they will see your good intentions and will apreciate all the info you gave us, and all the effort you made to answer etc.
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Post by palpoule »

murex, you think bitching about VISP to VISP is going to make them better? Teodor's right. You're a typical Lebanese Bastard.

Do not feel bad, eventually you'll mature.

And plz do not insult my nickname, or better still, do men wear you while having safe sex?

You said insulting you is not a reason to ban people. :roll: Do you still believe that?
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No bad feelings

Post by murex »

That's cool for me! No bad feelings Paul! In this forum everything is allowed and you can insult me as much as you want :D

And if you want, we can play some Half-Life style game on VISP's game servers... So you can kick my ass :(

For your education:
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Post by Raficoo »

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Post by palpoule »

Ok murex :D , obviously you like people insulting you, no hard feelings, that's ok. :wink:

Okay man seriously, come play some Counter-strike on VISP (Half-life is no longer enabled), it's fun if you have some free time, and NO I'm not advertising for VISP! Snap out of it!

lol and about "murex" yeah I knew what it was, don't ask. :wink:
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Post by BlowMe »

All I want to say is that "murex" hit it on the nail.

"My function is to make you boil and speak." is the right way to go :D
Surprisingly it's working like a charm!

I'm sorry teodor but you are just falling for it, taking this way too seriously, you really have anger management problems :lol:

The way I see it, VISP are going to have a bright future in the long term but they should check more often on the resellers they give connection to because i have 2 friends of mine who are complaining and blaming it on VISP while it is the reseller's fault the connectivity is crap.

But then again, these are the lebanese people we are talking about, they represent your PROSPECTIVE customers for business's sake just "go with the flow" and serve them with a happy face, because it happens to be so cruel that not everybody knows one thing or two about the internet and how it all works, especially in a country like Lebanon where almost everything is gotten through piracy & illegal ways which makes it hard to believe something 100% legit could exist..

Talking about generals... this doesnt quiet surprise me :P
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GAme services will go hight in march(MAYBE)

Post by Raficoo »

since they'll be DSL in march 2007, the visp guys will be making high-speed game servers, STILL HOPE THEY'LL BE NO LIMITATION :wink:
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Post by solipsist »

Wow! This is the worst PR thing I've ever seen! Damn, mr Georgiev you really don't have a single clue how to treat customers and how shit talk like this reflects on your company regardless of whether Murex is a pain in the ass or not!

Thank you VISP for showing me what a bunch of idiots you are and helping me making the decisions to stay away from you! I was somewhat curious about you reading the first few posts in this thread, but seeing this I have no interest at all to deal with people like you! That providing you, t.georgiev, is actually a representative of the company.

In Europe or the US, a company like yours would be slaughtered in seconds, you would get so much bad cred people wouldn't even consider peeing in your entrance. In Lebanon, people seem to take shit, saying you will do something "tomorrow" usually means "in a few weeks". There's no sensible code of conduct in business, and even worse, people let you get away with it. No wonder this country is technologically retarded when professionals don't take any responsibility and treat their customers like crap!

t.georgiev wrote:Dear Murex,

I would feel more comfortable to send you this e-mail on private, but since your e-mail is not included in your profile (As you have noted, I have always included my e-mail and MSN. Fair and decent people do not need to hide) I am forced to post here.

1. Please, do not bother sending us any e-mails. We will not read them. Due to your hostile actions against our company our management has decided that you are not welcome to be our customer. We do not need people like you among our customers. How many customers we have is not your concern at all. Even if we have merely two, we do not need you to be the third.

2. Our spam filter is not set too high. Our regular customers can always contact us in at least two different ways.

3. Your words about VISP getting Internet from Turkey and Cyprus DSL accounts via 200km wireless antenna can make us feel sorry for your networking illiteracy.

4. Whatever VISP is --> a fish shop, a bar, a good or bad promise has no concern to you.
Please note that in case we notice that you have subscribed to VISP services directly our via some reseller, your account shall be suspended and your funds - returned.

5. VISP rarely sells directly to individuals. We have a strong reseller network and if you have provided enough details our sales managers will forward your e-mail to the appropriate reseller.

6. The way act is our company policy. I will not discuss if it is good or bad. If you do not like it - do not bother with us, leave us to suffer from our wrong company policy. We have enough customers to choose wether to reply to someone or not.

Hope this is the last time you discuss VISP and we (personally me) - to be obliged to reply to your non-senses.

Thank you for your understanding!

P.S. I am not Ukrainian.

P.P.S. Internet in Turkey is not cheaper than in Lebanon. Only in the European part of Turkey you can find decent Internet services.
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Post by tikamak »

i am a Visp user and i have been happy with my 256K connection a lot
may i say Visp is the best ISP in lebanon.
i filed a report to them about WoW(worldofwarcraft) ping is too high and they answered with the problem that is with all connections in lebanon no yapping no network card fault crap just plain truth.
Dear customer

The problem in lebanon, it is far from internet backbone.
Another problem, because of political events, government delaying to install
terresterial "fiber" connection for ISP's since last summer. We are getting
soon additional connection from independent backbone ISP, and we will try to
manage WoW connection over it. Additionally i will try to increase priority
for european WOW servers. But right now because of weather conditions,
connection(our main wireless links) is interrupting sometimes for few
seconds, so i think it will be uncomfortable to play.

About patches, Blizzard supplying patches over P2P network, which will not
work with most of lebanese ISP's properly. I will try to find a way, that
someone on good backbone connectivity will download patches, and we will locate them on our 'FTP'.

Also i recommend to visit our online gaming website: "", all described games servers located in lebanon, and you can play games with good latency.
And "" for music and other content, shared by our
ok this is so right and i encourage all ppl to switch to Visp u know a handfull of happy customers can sometimes make the ISP more flexible.
remember no one blocked me nor my phone line nor did I get spam or anything the connection is perfect and they always call me at home or on my cell if the connection is ok when i called them for something wrong.

still 1 problem gaming on international server have a high ping about 1.4 seconds and they are working on it to install fiberoptics when the government installs ... so that would make the upload steady and dedicated for all users, cheaper because the ISP respects humanity and lower latency about 400 ms max on peak times.
the engineers and network administrators are somehow more knowledgeable than most ISPs, they actually listen to what u say and take it in consideration at an exeption of some arrogant ones, far like my old ISP who gives 44$ for 56K and wouldn't listen to anything u say eventhought i surpass him with my knowledge of network administration and college degrees ...

bottom line if what they said that the NFO line is the solution and they are gonna integrate it without raising prices then god may be with them ou they would be the first connectivity revolution in lebanon and i would imagine that 1 source of connection VISP.
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Post by deadsoul »

i find it really repulsive what this VISP guy said.
thats not a good way for building a good company with a good costumers base.
all i see is a stressed and worried employee/executive bashing his future potential costumers. all this "you are not welcomed as our costumer" thing sickens me, and if you want people to really reconsider purchasing your products, you need to work on your communication skills and be more happy to serve your clients who pay your salary at the end of the month.
i am actually thinking about switching to VISP. but after reading these posts i dont want to be treated this way if i made the switch.
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Post by tikamak »

bykoun hayda el reseller m2a****r mich visp.
visp are a great company ou i believe anno they will take connectivity in lebanon to a higher lvl.
hinne. bala mobi ou ma mobi taba3 el IDM where u pay 666$ to have a
"high speed" ou bykoun anja2 el upload meche ou killa latency el ossa.
at least they tell what's wrong.
ma tkhaf go with visp 3al alile u get to play counter :P
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