Lebanon in the coma... How hard is it to wake up?

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Lebanon in the coma... How hard is it to wake up?

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Lebanon is suffering terrible things right now, but I don't understand why people say that Israël's reaction is "too much"...

Lebanon is a beautiful place, but it has been a non-country since at least 15 years... and since Israël left from the South a few years ago, they have warned Lebanon about disarming the Hezbollah sooooo many times. And Lebanon has been unable to that. So what to do? Wait? For what? It can only get worse, if they wait... for Iran to have the bomb?

Israël is obviouly not just "reacting" to one thing. They are "acting". They are attacking Lebanon! They probably had the plan ready for a long time. A plan called: "Get rid of Hezbollah at all cost!" (It's almost cool from them to have been so patient.)

Lebanon is waking up from a Big Dream of 15 years... And it's always hard to wake up from a dream that has lasted for so long! For example, many people (only inside Lebanon) still believe things such as:

- Hezbollah is the "resistance" and they are so strong they kicked out Israël from the South!

- Hariri is a good guy. He rebuilt Lebanon and without him this could never have happened.

- A dick head called Emile Lahoud is the President of the Lebanon and the leader of this country.

- Syria (a nice country lead by a completly retarded dick head called Bashar Something) is our sister country! They will help Lebanon and Lebanon should see his glorious neighbour as a father and a model...

And so on... The only people to believe such fictions are inside Lebanon, brainwashed by 15 years of propaganda.

Wake up Lebanese Zombies! Open your windows and look where you are now. Get yourself together. Learn... The Hezbollah is nothing but a proud dog pushing his impotant master into the Void... Hariri is a thief, and fat pig who died like pig and all what he did will be probably undone. The leader of this country is not legitimate. He will hopefuly one day be taken down and judged for all the harm that he has done to this county.

And what about the proto-stalininan state called Syria?
When will it come down? How many more generations shall pass?

What can happen to Iran is also VERY scary. Maybe all of this is a test for Iran... To push them to make a move... So they get the perfect excuse to nuke them :shock:
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