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Postby pinar » Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:22 pm

I would like to learn cultural things about the Maronites. How do they celebrate Christmas, Easter? how their family works? Recently I traced my family hisory and according to Archives here in Cyprus, my great great great-grand parents were Maronites, who converted to Islam and became Turkish-Cypriots. My old family name was Avraam.
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Cypriot Maronites

Postby Sharkis » Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:30 pm

Dear Pinar,

My name is Sharbel and I come from the Maronite village of Kormakitis ( Korucam in Turkish) from the North of Cyprus.

Now I leave in the South but I visit the village weekly at least. My parents and many relatives still live there.

In Cyprus there exist 6000 Maronites who emigrated here in waves from Lebanon and Syria 1300 years ago.

For more on the Maronites of Cyprus please visit our website

You may register and converse with our visitors in English as well as Greek thus participating in our forum discussions. See you soon so that we can trace together your ancestors.

Sharbel Tzotzoukis
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