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  •     -
    French Lebanese internet guide: a directory of websites by categories, selection of articles & info about the country in general and about the use of the French language in Lebanon. (Annuaire de sites sur le Liban et la Francophonie, quelques dossiers et articles critiques.)
  • Lebanese White Pages  -
    A lebanon white pages directory for lebanese people arround the world. Find people and lost friends online.
  •  -
    Lebanese web sites directory, by topics.
  • LebHost  -
    Lebanese search engine and web directory.
  •  -
    Mini-portal about Lebanon. A choice of Lebanese music to listen to online, Lebanese recipes, a few pictures/postcards of Lebanon.
  • Yahoo! Directory - Lebanon  -
    The Lebanon category at Yahoo.
  •  -
    French Lebanese web directory.
  •  -
    An index of Lebanese websites.
  • : Lebanon  -
    A good and simple page of links about Lebanon.
  • The Daleel  -
    Directory of local websites. (NOTE: Very bad site. Makes no selection at all. Officially supports professional Lebanese spammers.)
  • DMOZ - Open Directory: Lebanon  -
    The Lebanon section of the Open Directory.
  • Go-Leb!  -
    Simple web site directory.
  • - About Lebanon  -
    A page of links about the country and the people of Lebanon. Features similar pages on most Arab countries.
  • LibanVision  -
    French Lebanese portal. ("Le Regard de la Francophonie Libanaise").
  • - Lebanon  -
    A page of links and info about Lebanon.
  • - Libano  -
    Web site in Portuguese. Includes links and information about Lebanon and other Arab countries.