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Lebanese Blogs


  • Lebanese Bloggers  -
    This open disscussion blog was created following the assassination of Hariri in February 2005.
  • Open Lebanon  -
    Real time news and blog headlines from top Lebanese blogs & news sources.
  • Apocalypz : a voice from Lebanon  -
    The blog of Idiot from Lebanon.
  •  -
    Fun and Non-political: events, pictures, videos, poems... Part of a little blog network (Boston, Copenhagen, Montreal, Paris, Reykjavik).
  • Libanonesque  -
    "Impressions, views, and steam-blowing by a lonesome cowboy."
  • Beirut Notes  -
    "Thoughts and facts picked up here and there." A blog by Zadigvoltaire.
  • Jamal's Propaganda Site  -
    A personal blog by Jamal Ghosn.
  • The Angry Arab News Service  -
    A blog by As'ad AbuKhalil (Assaad Abou Khalil). "A source on politics, war, the Middle East, Arabic poetry, and art."
  • Lebanese Political Journal  -
    Created after the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on 14 February 2005. "This site is intended to provide in-depth analysis in English on the political situation in Lebanon." Managed by Lebanon Profile.
  •  -
    Political blog that covers most recent events in Lebanon since the assassination of Hariri. News compilations, comments and pictures from the peaceful 2005 demonstrations in Beirut.
  • From Beirut to the Beltway  -
    "I transcend geography and write about Lebanon from a towering spot inside the capital beltway." A blog by Abu Kais W.
  • Across the Bay  -
    A blog by Anton Efendi.
  • Amarji - A Heretic's Blog  -
    The blog of a dissident Syrian writer in exile. "Indeed, people simply donít understand why we insist on claiming that we are still Arabs, although, we no longer subscribe to that ethos of vainglory and victimhood that has long become part and parcel of modern Arab identity."
  • Ecce Libano  -
    A personal blog by Louis-Noel Harfouche, USA.
  • Al-Hiwar  -
    A blog by Stacey Philbrick Yadav. "A place for meaningful discussion of the Middle East, political identity, and political activism. Locating the political in the mundane, from Cairo to Beirut to Sana'a, and places in between..."
  • Life.exe  -
    "Cellphone camera album that in one way or another offers a commentary on life..." A personal blog by Ramzi.
  • Syria Comment PLUS (the anti-Baath)  -
    Anti-Baath political blog.
  • French Eagle  -
    Personal political blog in French.