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Political Groups & Parties


  • Lebanese Political Parties     -
    List and description of most political parties in Lebanon since the Lebanese War.
  • 05 Amam     -
    Al Mujtamah Al Madani. "Our objective is to actively support the development of a modern sovereign state built on non-feudalism, non-confessionalism and non-clientelism, encouraging transparent processes and institutions in order to reform the current system to implement the Rule of Law for all citizens. We shall achieve this by building on and mobilizing existing strengths and resources of the civil society at large, and acting as an effective link between citizens and governmental institutions through dialogue, lobbying, monitoring and the spread of civic education."
  • Freemasonry in Lebanon  -
    "Free and accepted masons of Lebanon."
  • Hizbollah - The Party of God  -
    The offical web site of the Lebanese political group Hizbollah (also spelled Hezballah or Hezbollah).
  • Amal Movement  -
    The Amal movement was established in 1975 by Imam Musa as Sadr, an Iranian-born Shia cleric of Lebanon Ancestry who had founded the Higher Shia Islamic Council in 1969.
  • Lebanese Kataeb  -
    A Christian political party. Founded by Pierre Gemayel.
  • Free Patriotic Movement (FMP)  -
    The official site of the Free Patriotic Movement. General Aoun's political movement.
  • Lebanese Forces (official website)  -
    The official web site of the Lebanese Forces. A local Christian Militia.
  • LEGAL - Lebanese Equality for Gays & Lesbians  -
    The LEGAL Institute is a non-profit private organization set up by the GayLebanon Group, serving the Lebanese Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community.
  • Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)  -
    A party founded in 1949 by Kamal Joumblatt. "The socialist Progressive Party aims at building the society on democratic bases where social security, equality, welfare, peace and freedom prevail and in which the human rights, as adopted by the U.N, are protected."
  • National Liberal Party (Ahrar)  -
    Founded in 1958 by president Camil Chamoun.
  • Guardians of the Cedars  -
    The Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement, founded in 1969. Fights for a "free Lebanon, against the Syrians, the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab regimes".
  • Lebanese Forces  -
    The unofficial website. English, Arabic, French.
  • Syrian Social Nationalist Party  -
    Un-Official site, in Arabic. Features news, discussions, ideology, etc.
  • Hariri Foundation  -
    Non-profit institution dedicated to the development of Education in Lebanon.
  • René Moawad Fondation  -
    Lebanese politician. Assassinated a few days after he was elected as the President of the Republic of Lebanon in 1989.
  • Lebanon World  -
    Linked to the 'Free Patriotic Movement' (FMP). Supports the General Michel Aoun.
  • Aramaic Democratic Organization  -
    Web site in Aramaic, Swedish, Deutsch, Arabic, and English! This organization aims to establish the "independent democratic Aramaic state on the eternal historic land of Aram, with Lebanon as a point of departure"...
  • Islamic Resistance Support Association  -
    "Fighting the Zionist occupation."
  • Guardian of the Cedars (unoffical website)  -
  • U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL)  -
    "Cyber-Center for Pro-Lebanon Activism."
  • Rassemblement pour le Liban  -
    A pro-democracy and human rights association based in France. Tied to the General Aoun.
  • Campaign of Good Governance in Lebanon (CGGL)  -
    "An Internet-based advocacy group of secular and humanist Lebanese and friends of Lebanon with the aim of establishing good and modern governance in Lebanon."
  • United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM)  -
    "The UALM is clearly committed to restore a legitimate democracy in Lebanon comparable to the one experienced in Australia where politicians actually campaign and work for their nation's interests."
  • ActivistBETA  -
    Animal rights activism. Promotes vegetarianisme and veganisme.