July 5, 2006

In Lebanon most Internet Service Providers are very bad. Not only the speed, but they don't respect the most basic anti-spam web rules... Terranet, a well known Lebanese Internet provider (ISP) now offcially advocated spam. On July 5, they consciouly and willingly paid 2 of the most vicious Lebanese "spamming" companies to spamvertise - what? - their new ANTI-spam products!
They spammed to sell anti-spam tools! How ethic is that? This company is BOLDLY abusing the people! They spread the dirt and want to sell you the soap!?! Don't be fooled...

Yes, on the soil of Lebanon, spam is not illegal, and spammers still manage to convince legal businesses to send BULK EMAIL & SMS for money. These spammers use 100% stollen databases, and all emails are sent 100% unsolicited. They use fake reply addresses, they hack remote computers or use Chinese SMTP and other basic cybercrime technics to sent their loads of shit anonymously. (Usually, they are amateurs who relie on some special spamming software that does most of this dirty job for them.)

For the history of Lebanon... here is a copy of on of the SPAM sent by Terranet on July 5, 2006:

From: TerraNet (Internet Service Provider) []
Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 1:33 AM
To: TerraNet
Subject: TerraNet: Fast Reliable & now Secure

is now Spam and Virus Free!

your Desktop!
You can rest assured that your will not be overwhelmed
with junk or infected emails

Is somebody spying on you?
Is your Desktop Secure?
Are you frustrated with so many SPAM Mails?
Is your PC becoming really slow?
All virus infected emails are deleted at TerraNet.
All spam mail is quarantined at TerraNet mail filters

And if you are worried that you might lose any critical email
by mistake, worry no more.

You can review all quarantined messages using TerraNet’s
filtering web interface, and decide on whether to delete
or release the email.

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It allows you to protect your employee’s

TerraNet has teamed up with CA to offer you easy-to use downloadable security products:

TerraNet’s Dial up and Wireless BroadBand
(TerraSmart and TerraBroad) users can benefit from
For more information, call TerraNet customer care at: 01 565250